Mini MusE – Music Educators Group – meeting 2.

I recently went to my second Music Educators Group meeting, as part of my role as Music coordinator.

We first spoke about the ‘All wrapped up for Christmas’ event, which looked spectacular, and there was discussion that this would definitely be happening again next year. This is an event that I would look to put the choir up for in the future.

They also mentioned that from this event parents have asked for a junior choir to become available at Forest Arts. This is now available and there are flyers available from the office.

We then spoke about the Transition/Leadership day event ‘Black History Month meets Rock School’, which is an event run by Secondary school and A level students at Forest Arts. This event will take place in October 2017 and the primary school students who take part must have some musical instrument knowledge, at grade 2 or above. Unfortunately for us, we won’t have any students with this ability, however there are 2 events that our school would be able to take part in and they are for beginners. This event will be offered to Year’s 5 and 6 students across Walsall.

We then spoke about the singing festival, which is taking place in March. The children are invited to sing two songs and then will take part in vocal workshops. I will hopefully be taking the choir to this event, as it’s a great opportunity to perform and boost their confidence and profile for our school for having a choir. This in turn will open up possibilities of networking with other schools for performances and shows.

We then were given a CPD on Signing in the Music Classroom. This was a practical session whereby a lady, called Bev Cullen taught us various Makaton signs that will be needed when teaching signing and music. She offers training sessions for all years and has her own resource books to help sign with various songs. I spoke to Bev about possibly doing a whole school session, in which she replied that she normally does phases but is willing to do bespoke sessions for schools.

This is something I would like to look into and get our teachers trained in this area. As whilst music is being taught via an outside agency this is may not always be the case and I would like all staff to feel confident delivering stand alone music lessons in the future.

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