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Mini Muse – Music Educators Group

I recently went to a Music Educators Group meeting, as part of my first introduction to my new role as Music coordinator.

It was very interesting and insightful to meet Music leaders from others schools and draw on their years of experience in the role at their school. I also got to meet the leaders of Muse and the Forests Arts department. I got a full understanding of what Forest Arts provides to our school and to all the schools around Walsall.

During the meeting I got to see a version of a Music policy and assessment, which I will draw upon when making our schools.

A very interesting piece of information was the pupil voice, whereby, we ask the children for feedback on the music lessons and gan knowledge on what they would like to see more of in school regarding music. It’s away of catering our lessons to what the children want, as well as their needs.

One of the programmes that we were shown was called Sonic Pi. This is a coding programme, which incorporates parts of Maths, ICT Coding, as well as Music.

The children will have the chance to follow codes, which when played altogether becomes music. As part of the new National Curriculum within ICT, the children need to understand coding by gaining knowledge on; how it works, how to debug and how to create something from a code. The programme does all of these – It is great fun!

The aim is for KS2 staff to become familiar with this and to teach the children how to use it. In the near future I will lead a Sonic Pi twilight training for all staff.




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EdPuzzle – Interactive Video

EdPuzzle is a fantastic new website that allows you to turn any video into an interactive learning resource. The idea is that you select a video based on the areas you are currently teaching. Then you can crop the video if needed to ensure it has maximum impact. Whilst watching the video, you can click the question mark icon at any point to add either an open ended or multiple choice question.


Better still, if you use multiple choice questions, the site will mark the answers for you meaning that you only have to review the open ended questions. On these, comments can be left to further the explanation of answers or can be marked as correct or incorrect. The child receives this feedback immediately and can respond or adapt their answers.

*If you aren’t overly keen of the current audio track, you can voice over the video to add your own track.

The site offers a step by step guide to starting your first EdPuzzle so don’t worry about being a tech magician! If you would like to see an example of what the pupils would see, use the code below to try the Nelson Mandela video out for yourself.