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Wireless Printing From Your iPad (to the Sharp MX-3640N Photocopier)

To print from your iPad, you need to do the following:

In the app store, search for and then download the ‘Sharp Desk Mobile’ app. You will do this once only.

When you want to print, open the ‘Sharp Desk Mobile’ app and click on ‘Settings’.

Click on ‘Printer/Scanner Settings’ and then ‘Find Printers/Scanners’. The photocopier MX-3640N should appear. Make sure that it has a green tick. You will only need to do this step once. 

Go back and now click on ‘User Settings’. In ‘User Authentication’, put your photocopier code in the ‘Use User Number for authentication’ and SAVE. You will only need to do this step once.

Go back.

When you want to print, you just need to click on ‘Print’, then ‘Select File’ and then ‘Photo Album’ which gives you access to your camera roll.

Select a photo and then scroll down to ‘Retention’ on the right hand side of the photo. Make sure you choose ‘Hold Only’ so that you can access the printing at the photocopier when you next go upstairs.

If you make a Pic Collage, just save your collage to your camera roll for printing.

Anything else you want to print can be saved as a photo by taking a screen shot (click the ‘power’ and ‘home’ button at the same time).

Think of the environment (and our colour ink costs): do you really need to print this document?